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Who is Avian?

My Beautiful Life

aviiii 300x225 Who is Avian?
*My Mother, Me, and My Girlfriend Erin*

I am a very, very passionate man. You can catch me on the phone encouraging through Personal Development, giving advice, cuddling with the love of my life, or spending time with my incredible family, and you can be sure I’m doing it with all of my heart.  I hope you enjoy a brief overview about who I am and what I live for…

I love reading books, caring about others, and being romantic. I like holding the door, and letting others pass before I go. I wear my socks half way off my feet. I read comics, wear vibram five finger running shoes, and wear 3d glasses…yes I’m a nerd. I can listen to opera music, country music, hip hop, and rock in the same sitting. I donate blood regularly,  I’m passionate about volunteering for Habitat For Humanity, and have the best girlfriend in the world.

I have always had an Entrepreneurial Mind-Set. As long as I can remember, I always wanted to work for myself. I have been blessed enough to be a big dreamer. I have one of the biggest heart’s for helping people who have the desire to really succeed.

Growing up in school I struggled, and I had a C- average. I did do well in High School, but then came along S.A.T. scores. Which, to me at least, is a way for schools to weave out what they think is important and who they think is smart.  I worked my first J-O-B- when I was 15 cleaning dishes and was paid $6.00 an hour under the table, and when I was 16 I became a stock boy at a locally owned market. I turned my minimum wage job into a business when I bought candy wholesale and sold it retail in school. I made $300.00 between 7AM and 11AM, until the principal caught me during lunch. He took away the candy, and returned it just in time to make an extra $200.00 by the end of the day I walked out of school with $500.00 in my pocket. I knew I was destined for more…they never taught me how to do that in class.

Currently, I’m a Personal Development Coach, Internet Entrepreneur, and Student at the Barney School of Business within the University of Hartford.  I plan on writing a series of children’s books and developing a few charities soon.

I believe anything is possible, everything is achievable, and highly believe anyone can be successful, so long as they simply make the decision and commit.

Passionate About Personal Development, Your Success Is My Business.