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Do You Want To Make It?(Moving Mountains Mondays™ #4)

Do you want to make it?

 I guess the real question is WILL you make it this year?  WILL you decide that you can accomplish the things you think about?

 Or…will you decide that this year is just a re-run of last year?

 What’s the worst that could happen?  SCRATCH THAT!!!!!

 What’s the BEST thing that WILL happen?  You decide, you commit, you take action and then what?  You keep going.  You either succeed or you don’t hit your target.  But what happens if you don’t hit your target?  Well…then you learn from your experience, figure out what you did wrong and don’t do it again! ;]

 I know you want to make it this year.  But are you being held accountable? I hope you aren’t that person who has a ton of resolutions you “think” will work out, but you’re too afraid to tell anyone about it.

But….even if you are that person it’s ok, because you can always change!

 Are you ready to be held accountable so we can run side by side together to get your resolutions accomplished? What if the odds of hitting your goals in 2012 could be increased for 39 cents a day?  YES CENTS.

If that sparks your interest check out the Resolution Revolution Accountability Coaching Program

Want to know what you’ll get in our coaching program for ONLY 39 cents a day?

You Will receive Access to:

  • Our Secret Facebook Group – So that you can network with other people working towards their goals!
  • Direct Email access – I’m here to answer your more personal questions.
  • Group chat – Feeling un-motivated? Find a friend in group Chat.
  • Text Message Accountability – About to have a moment of weakness? I’m here for you!
  • Sneak previews of everything else I have planned for 2012. You’ll know first.

Take control of your life…STARTING NOW. :]