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Don’t Go Alone (Moving Mountains Mondays™ #3)


Don’t Go Alone





Did You Leave The Headlights On Again?


My old car and I had a love hate relationship. It usually loved me in the summer, and hated me in the wintertime. It ran smoothly in the summer, and decided when it wanted to start in the winter. When it decided not to work I got asked the same question, “Did you leave the headlights on again?”


But, on this one rare occasion my Uncle had car trouble. I was visiting my grandmother, and my uncle came in and said, “Avi do you have any jumper-cables?”


When he asked me for his help I learned something extremely valuable. You can’t give yourself a jump-start.


Whether I had jumper cables or I called AAA for their help, my uncle still wouldn’t be able to give himself a jump-start. He had to ask for help.


Honestly, each time I ever heard jump-start it sounded like something you could do for yourself. “I can jump-start my career. Even Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog could give himself a jump-start right?” No! In the hit video game Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic can travel crouched down in a ball at top speed, but he needed to push against a mechanical lever that jolted in the opposite direction first. My point…We can only jump-start something by asking for help.


Help? No way…My pride won’t allow it! Too bad…suck it up and just ask! Remember that reaching out to someone for help is asking for a hand-up not a handout.


Action Steps:


  • Ask for feedback on a product or project.
  • Ask someone with experience for advice.
  • Ask a leader for strategy tips and help with a game plan.
  • Ask your family for acceptance in having your own opinion.
  • Ask someone to mentor you.


Take the tools and ideas that you have and run with them. Ask for help every chance you get! :]