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Categories Of Beliefs (Belief Series Blog #1)

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Why does a person have an opinion, belief, or a conviction in what they believe in?

References. References are examples that people use to base an idea on.

That idea turns to an opinion, belief, or conviction.

An Opinion is something we feel certain about, but the feeling of certainty is only temporary because it can be changed fairly easily. Opinions are easily swayed from side to side, and are usually based only on a few certain references or examples which a person has focused on in the moment.

Beliefs have much larger references. They take much more emotion out of us. Beliefs can come from personal experiences, and information that we take in from others and our surroundings. The feeling of certainty in a belief can be very strong, and often closed to new input.

Emotional intensity can arrise in a Conviction. This occurs because a person links themseles to an idea. Their certainty is the higest. People who have conviction in something actually get angry when their conviction is questioned. They never question their references, and are often resistant to new input.

So what is the difference?

A person who fantizes about owning their own business has an opinion, but the person who takes action and stops at nothing to truly manifest their belief has conviction.

The difference between belief and conivction is that most times a conviction occurs out of significant emotional events.

To understand More on the Categories of Beliefs read Tony Robbin’s Book Awaken The Giant Within

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