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Famous Fridays© #1- George Washington

Famous Fridays2 Famous Fridays© #1  George Washington


*FAMOUS FRIDAY#1- George Washington*

Ladies, and Gents!  I’ve decided to come up with concepts for each day of the week, and for Fridays I came up with Famous Fridays©.  I’m so happy to be sharing with you some of thee BEST Success Strategies from leaders of the past and present who became famous because of their drive and passion to change the world.  For the first Official Famous Fridays© post I picked none other than the first president of the United States of America George Washington.

Ask most people around and they’ll tell you, “He’s that guy on our quarters, and on the $1.00 bill.”  Although correct, George Washington is much more than a face on the money we carry in our wallets. George Washington was a Lieutenant Colonel under the British Colonial Army, Husband, Father, Manager for his families plantation, and upon ratification of the new constitution was unanimously elected president of the United States Of America.

Success Strategies

Study Greatness

You aren’t born with a gift, or a natural born talent.  You can’t snap your fingers and wish to be great at something and believe that your snap alone will make you great. You will achieve greatness only through an enormous amount of hard work over many years.  What is your choice?  Pick what you are passionate about and then study who is great at it.  If you wanted to be a tremendous golf player would you study Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods? :]  Start studying.


What does it mean to persevere?  Perseverance is the steady continuance in a course of action, purpose, or state.  We’ve all heard, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  How about…,”If you don’t succeed you’ve failed.”  Does that put it into perspective?  Tell yourself, “Outward conditions won’t change my inward convictions!”  You can’t always predict how things will turn out, but you can always control your response and reaction to it.

Practice Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is a philosophy and practice of leadership coined and defined by Robert Greenleaf.  Servant-leaders are often seen as humble stewards of their organization’s resources. Huh?  Be a mentor with a servant’s heart!  Leaders lead and ask how they can be of assistance.

Remain Impartial

You are the only person who can commit to taking note of your personal views.  The ONLY one.  You are the only one who can assess whether subjects or others views are affecting your judgement and have to be able to take action to rectify it in order to maintain your impartiality.

Straight From George Washington

GeorgeWashington Famous Fridays© #1  George Washington


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  • Mike Baltus

    Avain, Thanks for the blog and congratulations on taking a leadership position at the helm of what my well be “your own tribe”.

  • avianmorales

    Mike, thank you for your kind words. I can say the same about you. Always making moves my friend. Always. :]

    Passionate About Personal Development,

    Avian Fame Morales

  • Chris Hughes

    Good stuff Avian! I like the new concept for Famous Fridays, great way to educate people about leaders of our past. Washington is a great choice for the first one.

    Studying greatness is something that we all must do if we want to become great! Keep it up

  • avianmorales

    Thank you Chris! I'm going to be rolling out more days of the week soon enough. :]

    Passionate About Personal Development,

    Avian Fame Morales

  • Dreamosity

    I love the idea of Famous Fridays – (if it was me I'd be a fool to promise something EVERY Friday). You may consider the 1st Friday of the month for starters…. 52 famous people a year seems daunting.

    I'm sure it could be done though =)

    I'm personally a fan of modeling famous people groups – like Spiritual leaders or Billionaires. Ever heard of genius reading?


  • avianmorales

    Hey Marcelle! Thank you. :] I have to commit myself to getting it done. I just hope I don't run out of famous people. Although theres hundreds of them out there. :] I haven't, but I'm sure you'll share it with me. :]

    Passionate About Personal Development,

    Avian Fame Morales

  • Chris Hughes

    Looking forward to it!

  • yusufchowdhury

    Great stuff Avian. I love the success strategies and my favorite part is persevere! :)

  • Cshanes

    Awesome post and concept Avian, I like it. Here's my question, do you feel like presidents still Practice Servant Leadership?

  • Cory Shanes

    Awesome post and concept Avian, I like it. Here's my question, do you feel like presidents still Practice Servant Leadership?

  • Avram

    That's a really good question Cory – there is so much bureaucracy it greatly impedes one's ability to do so.

  • Avram

    Famous Friday is a great idea Avian! I'll make you a deal – when you do one on Gandhi – I will do my follow-up Written Wednesday profile on him as well and give you some linkage!

  • avianmorales

    Sounds AWESOME!

  • avianmorales not at all. I think in some minds they'd like to, but you can't be everything to everyone right? I think there are alot of things that have started to help this great nation that have been manipulated by the system. In the beginning I believe it was easier to do, but now?….I don't truly believe the president runs the show. Sure he would live to be a mentor with a servants heart to some, but you can't be that way, at least, in the eyes of the people who wish you harm.

  • avianmorales

    Yusuf I couldn't agree more. Truly, you only fail if you stop…that's it!. :]

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